VIVO The  New Color Of Recycling

In order for us to recycle properly, there is a common color-code in the world to make it easier. As well as BLUE (paper), RED (plastic), YELLOW (metal) and GREEN (glass). The PURPLE is the color internationally used for e-waste an by coincidence is Vivo’s main color used in all communications all the time. So, we appropriated this color to launch The New Color Of Recycling in Brazil.

Desing and art direction by

About the new logo for Vivo’s Recycling Program:

In this scenario, Vivo, the largest Brazil's telecom, has started a discussion about
the importance of E-Waste recycling and the benefits for the environment.

Now you can find it in more than 1,000 Vivo stores in Brazil,
which have also been transformed into collection points for e-waste recycling.